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All the views are 100% real. Come from all over the world. Views start within 1 to 12 hours. Speed is average of 1000 to 30000 views per day. Views can be splitted between different post.

Please be sure that you insert correct YOUR PAGE URL and E-Mail.


1000 TikTok

$3.99  $1.99

2000 TikTok

$5.99  $2.99

5000 TikTok

$11.99  $5.99

10000 TikTok

$19.99  $9.99

25000 TikTok

$41.99  $20.99

100000 TikTok

$109.99  $54.99

Are you still questioning whether you need views for TikTok or not? We have an answer for you!

You surely do! Views are the base to any promotion, this is what makes videos on TikTok interesting to the wide audience and that is what making people watch and checkout new content. This is why everybody is seeking for a chance to buy TikTok views which can make a big difference on any profile real quick. Viplikes if one of the companies that offer real views — these are the only views for TikTok that you should be looking for. Buying bot-created ones is a waste of time and effort, why though? We will tell you further. 

But before that we would also like to remind you that complex promotion which includes more than one pack for TikTok is way more valuable and handy in terms of getting quick results. That’s why we would recommend you to add several more packages of services to chosen pack for TikTok — for example, you could combine them with other packs available in our TikTok section. That will surely fasten your online development and will save you lots of time — planning the promo in its whole volume from the very beginning is the smartest thing you could do, actually. So, before buying the pack of views on TikTok, make sure to look through the rest of our assortment and decide which packs might also come in handy in your particular case.

Back to views: why should those be real? If you purchase real views, real people who actually use TikTok will come on your profile and will watch your videos. If you purchase bot-generated views there will be no change at all, the amount of views will increase, but real people won’t see what you are posting on your profile. Now it is completely clear why purchasing real views for TikTok is important — you need to interact with TikTok audience even while you are taking on paid services from a promo company. Moreover, bot-generated views can lead to your account being blocked and deleted. 

Why else do our clients love Viplikes services?

  • Our managers are offering constant technical and informational support which will help you to go through the whole promo process via TikTok views with no stress at all. We give our customers all information, our services are completely transparent and clear to anybody who’s willing to understand all the details. Moreover, we are also trying to inform our clients about all new services available and about discounts (including TikTok views packs) as well: if you are interested in this, make sure to subscribe to our social media pages and messengers which we use to stay in touch with our regular buyers. 
  • If you cannot decide, which pack of views would be the best for your TikTok account, ask our managers for help. They are waiting for you in our chat on the website and they are always ready to give you a hand of help and give a helpful advice if you are in need of one. Viplikes workers will help you analyze the situation depending on your page’s development level and will help with picking the best option amongst all available packages of views for TikTok. We can guarantee you that we never use bots — neither while delivering you views at TikTok, nor for communication with clients. Viplikes is the website done by real people for real people. 
  • We know that regular purchases of TikTok views might create a hole in anybody’s budget, especially if we talk about people who are relatively new to TikTok and to promotion in general. That is the situation where our discounts for TikTok views packs and for other options as well can come in handy. We are trying to set as many sales as possible to keep our customers relaxed and coming back for more packs of views at TikTok; we are caring for new clients as well — cheap prices and great reviews from previous buyers should help them with making a decision to work with us. There is no place that is better than Viplikes if you are in need of a good promo by dint of TikTok views and constant technical support — we are working for people, not to just make some money off online promotion via TikTok views. 

We offer the best services ever — our workers control each step taken during promotion, as well as they try to make that promotion calm and effortless for clients. We will make sure that the whole amount of ordered views at TikTok was delivered in time and that this package has actually brought you great results and joy. This is the only way to promote TikTok pages via views in a decent way; it also helps us to sustain the wide base of regular clients who truly love our services. If you know that you want to buy TikTok views right now you can use our instant checkout form. We are waiting for your orders and questions 24/7!